Q:  What is this blog about?
A:  I hope to provide on this blog information, ideas, and insights that will help people have a strong and fulfilling marriage. 

Q:  Why did you decide to make this blog?
A:  In most ways my wife and I have always had a good marriage, but at the same time there were areas where it was weak and vulnerable.  God opened our eyes to that and together we have transformed our marriage into something far more wonderful than I ever through it could be.  When Enos obtained a forgiveness of his sins he felt a great desire for others to experience the same thing, and likewise for many new converts to the church.  In the same way, I really want everybody to have a truly wonderful marriage and this blog is how I try to accomplish that.

Q:  What are your qualification to write about this?
A:  While my wife and I have no professional or educational credentials in this field, we have been happily married and faithful to each other since 1989.  I've made a study of marriage reading several books and looking to the scriptures and teachings of latter day prophets for guidance as well.  I don't speak for the Church or any other group however.  Everything here is my personal take on things so consider what I say but don't blindly accept it.

Q:  Are you a faithful Mormon.
A:  Very much so.  I knew the church was true years before I was even a deacon and I've done my best to live the gospel all my life.  I'm not perfect of course (my Home Teaching record is nothing to brag about either), but I've always been active, always been worthy of a temple recommend, and have had the pleasure of serving in a lot of various callings, serving a mission, and marrying in the temple.

Q:  Is your wife going to post here?
A:  I doubt it.  Blogging isn't her kind of thing.  She is perfectly welcome to do so anytime she wants however so perhaps some day she will.  I really value her perspective on things, and she often helps me see a POV that is broader than what I would see on my own.

Q:  Why do you bring religion into it?
A:  The principles of the gospel are applicable to the marriage relationship, which is partly why the scriptures often use marriage as a metaphor for the relationship between Christ and his people.  The more a couple puts the principles of the gospel into action in their marriage, the better a marriage they will have. As a people who have recived the fullness of the restored gospel, we are in a better postion to have lasting, joyful marriages than any other people, but that is not always how it turns out.

Q:  Why is so much of this blog about sex?
A:  Intimacy is important in marriage, and sexual intimacy is often the hardest area to achieve unity and problem with sexual intimacy are a major cause of divorce.   Sex is also the defining characteristic of marriage.  Take it away and you have a relationship that could be brother and sister, or good friends rather than husband and wife.  I don't intend this blog to be only about sex, there are other aspects of marriage that need attention too, but sex is an important one.

Q:  Don't you think its inappropriate to talk about sex in this kind of detail?  The leaders of the church don't talk like this!

A:  The church teaches principles and it is up to us, through study and prayer, to work out how best to apply those principles.  How can you study something nobody talks about? There are appropriate, respectful ways to discuss human sexuality within marriage and there are inappropriate ways.  A better understanding of sex and how to manage a sexual relationship with your spouse will lead to a happier and stronger marriage.  The scriptures in places talk about these matters as well, and it was Satan, not God, that wanted Adam and Eve, who were husband and wife, to be ashamed of their sexuality.

Q:  Why do you keep yourself anonymous?
A:  Mainly because I want the freedom to share personal information about aspects of my marriage.  I'm a fairly private person and I wouldn't share those parts of my life if my name was going to be attached to them.  I'm sure you wouldn't feel terribly comfortable attaching your name to detailed stories of the same kind from your marriage.  You would probably find it awkward if I turned out to be somebody you knew, like your Home Teacher or member of your Bishopric, or a family member.

Q:  Can I ask you a question?
A: Sure.  You can do that in the comment below, or in the comments on a post, or email me directly at my latterday.marriage gmail account.

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